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Free Shipping to Major City Centers in Canada For Orders Over $500|Curbside Pickup In Toronto|10 Year Warranty

48V Battery

Get 48V Lithium Batteries Online

There are a lot of benefits offered by a golf cart 48v lifepo4 battery including a longer range, faster charging, a larger number of charging/discharging cycles, more efficient battery chemistry, and serious weight savings. However, in the beginning, 48V lithium golf cart batteries cost more than 48V lead-acid golf cart batteries. Considering the long run, a 48V lithium battery will save more time and money.

48V Lithium Batteries Features and Specifications

It’s important to stay safe with such high voltages. Now let’s look at why lithium 48 volt batteries are better than a 48V lead-acid battery. The first thing to mention is that it has extremely low maintenance (Next to no maintenance), while the majority of lead-acid batteries are filled with liquid(A lot of maintenance). Besides, users are also required to have regular check-ups. Furthermore, Lithium batteries also have a larger number of charging and discharging cycles than lead-acid batteries. For example, the majority of lithium batteries can withstand 2000 to 3000 cycles down to 100% DoD and 4000 to 5000 down to 80% DoD, whereas lead-acid batteries only have 500 to 800 cycles down to 50% DoD. Nevertheless, it also has faster charging. Normally you can charge lithium golf cart batteries with 1C currents, but 0.2C is a better option. Because your lithium golf cart battery will be allowed for another drive more quickly. In terms of accepting charge from regenerative braking, Lithium batteries can also perform efficiently, however, it really depends on the battery brake controller of the vehicle. When it’s not present, braking energy is likely to be transformed into heat, which can have a negative impact on energy efficiency.

 Get 48v lifepo4 battery for various applications

You can enjoy twice the run time using Big battery, it can not only the last 4X longer, charge up to 5X faster, but also have half the weight and twice the power of traditional batteries. In terms of different needs, you can use our Anderson connector to create a battery system in any lithium-ion 12volt, 36volt, or any desired voltages. All batteries are made in the USA, staffed, and shipped in Canada. With the exceptional 48 volt lifepo4 battery technology, affordable price, and a 10-year battery warranty, there are no better alternatives in the market!

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