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Free Canada Wide Shipping|Curbside Pickup In Toronto|10 Year Warranty
Free Canada Wide Shipping|Curbside Pickup In Toronto|10 Year Warranty

All-In-One Kits


Get Best All-in-One Kit at Best Price

All in one kit are the best deals that Big Battery found and provided to you! Now, let's start our journey to learn more about the all-in-one kits.

We're proud to bring you an all-in-one 24-volt power block golf cart kit that's perfect for your application, R.V. power kit, or solar home setup. This kit comes with everything. You'll need to plug and play! And we've managed to pack 8.8-kilowatt-hours of capacity in beautiful space-efficient housing without sacrificing any safety measures. And for 18,000 times, it requires zero maintenance, it's easily installed, it's made in the U.S., and it's guaranteed to be the lowest cost kit in its class available today.

Know More About Mobile Power System & All in One Kit

With another one of our upgrade kits, the 48-volt all-in-one mobile power system. This kit was intended to solve the toxic noisy gas generators that so many people are still lugging around with them. Whether you're taking this system boondocking powering an outdoor vent or  just looking to have backup power on the go whenever you need it, this is the solution for you. This kit uses our 48 volt Husky, a 5.3-kilowatt-hour powerhouse with brand new lfp cells, all of our proprietary safety features, and is one of our top-selling models! This battery is powerful and portable, equipped with sturdy caster wheels in the bottom. Further adding to the mobility of the entire system, this kit also comes with a cutting edge, three-kilowatt hour inverter, and charger from growth. This inverter comes with an integrated MPPT charge controller as well as wi-fi remote monitoring so that you can monitor your inverter and battery's performance from anywhere in the world! Plus, these inverters can be parallel together for more capacity if you're building a huge mobile system. So you could buy a generator that weighs 300 pounds or more that emits harmful fumes or better yet buy at least ten lead-acid batteries that weigh around 700 pounds or more, or you could go with a 48-volt all-in-one mobile power system which saves you space and weight offers you an easy installation and provides safe, efficient power wherever you need it. Again, all while requiring zero maintenance, you can upgrade this kit to two, three, or four times the capacity.

Get Big Battery All-in-one Kit

You can enjoy twice the run time using the Big Battery. It can not only last 4X longer, charge up to 5X faster, but also have half the weight and twice the power of traditional batteries. You can use our Anderson connector to create a battery system in any desired voltages for different needs. All batteries are made in the USA, staffed, and shipped in Canada. With the exceptional LiFePo4 technology, affordable price, and a 10-year battery warranty, there are no better alternatives in the market!

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