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Free Shipping to Major City Centers in Canada For Orders Over $500|Curbside Pickup In Toronto|10 Year Warranty

24V Battery

How is a 24V system Made?

For a 24V system, you can produce more than 24V at its nominal load. To create a 24V power system, there are a few ways to do it. You can either connect two 12V batteries in series to make a 24V system or directly purchase a 24V battery. More details will be discussed below:

What are 24 Volt batteries?

To elaborate on using a 24V battery to create a 24V system, 24V batteries are not as common as other voltages’ counterparts and are challenging to come by. It’s relatively more expensive to purchase a 24V battery, however, it’s worth it! Because they take up less space and also last much longer than other batteries. a 24V battery could be a perfect option if you are concerned about the space.

How do you connect 12V batteries in the Series?

The other way to create a 24V system is to put batteries in series. What does this mean? It means that the sum of the system’s volts is equal to their single electrical path. For example, if there are two 12V batteries connected in series, the system is 2* 12V=24V. In terms of using 12V batteries to create a 24V system, you can simply use an Anderson connector to plug and play.

24 Volt lifepo4 battery System Benefits:

When you are using a 24-volt battery lithium-ion system, a smaller diameter wire can be utilized, and amperage can be also reduced by two times. This can not only cut down the cost of wiring but also save a lot of space to run wiring. This is extremely beneficial for systems that require long wires.

Is there a way that you can have more voltage by running a smaller wire?Yes, you can. A way to do that is to run a wire that’s two times smaller than an equivalent 24V circuit because less current is required for higher voltage to produce the same power. And if we only require less current or amps, we will also require a smaller wire. That’s why we transmit power on power lines at very high voltage. It’s much more cost-efficient.

Get 24v lifepo4 battery for various application

You can enjoy twice the run time using Big battery, it can not only the last 4X longer, charge up to 5X faster, but also have half the weight and twice the power of traditional batteries. In terms of different needs, you can use our Anderson connector to create a battery system in any desired voltages. All batteries are made in the USA, staffed, and shipped in Canada. With the exceptional LiFePo4 technology, affordable price, and a 10-year battery warranty, there are no better alternatives in the market, Buy 24v battery from Big Battery Canada.

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