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Free Shipping to Major City Centers in Canada For Orders Over $500|Curbside Pickup In Toronto|10 Year Warranty
Free Shipping to Major City Centers in Canada For Orders Over $500|Curbside Pickup In Toronto|10 Year Warranty


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Get Lithium Batteries for Industrial Application

The untapped and substantial growth potential for lithium batteries can be represented by their industrial applications. One of the most important reasons that promote greater demand for lithium-ion batteries is the increasing demand for energy storage applications, cordless tools, and data communication equipment for renewable power. According to a new analysis, the total revenue earned by the European lithium-ion battery market was $748.2 million in 2012, and this number is expected to reach $1.64 billion in 2017. The use of lithium batteries in six key applications is covered in the research: telecom and data communication, energy storage, data collection, aerospace and defense, medical devices, and industrial tools.

According to Suba Arunkumar from Frost and Sullivan, it is said that key factors including long life cycle, improved performance, light-weight, and High energy density promote the use of lithium batteries in industrial applications. Despite their higher initial cost, many other advantages can be highlighted for industrial applications.

Know How Lithium Batteries Work for Your Setup

Besides industrial applications, lithium batteries also have great potential in energy storage applications.  Most revenues were earned in the area of backup applications. Moreover, the use of backup energy applications will be significantly picked up by residential and community energy storage systems after 2015.

One way to increase the need for self-consumption of energy generated is to drive market growth by promoting renewable energy, which can also push up the demand for lithium batteries. Said Arunkumar.

A major obstacle for market participants is to make them acknowledge the high initial price, which may cause the result of choosing other alternatives over lithium.

Considering the low unit purchase and the barrier to entering the market, lithium batteries are a bit more expensive than the established, existing chemistries like nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and lead-acid. However, with mass commercial volume, battery price is expected to drop in the future which would push the usage level. Click here to learn more about the 24V industrial battery.

Buy Lithium Batteries for Industrial Applications

You can enjoy twice the run time using Big battery, it can not only the last 4X longer, charge up to 5X faster, but also have half the weight and twice the power of traditional batteries. In terms of different needs, you can use our Anderson connector to create a battery system in any desired voltages. All batteries are made in the USA, staffed, and shipped in Canada. With the exceptional LiFePo4 technology, affordable price, and a 10-year battery warranty, there are no better alternatives in the market!

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